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Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice

Two basic strategies for long term wealth

It’s a common misconception that your employer superannuation will be sufficient to “fall back” on if all else fails in your retirement plan; however this is truly not the case. In point of fact the mean super balance for a person aged 55 – 65 is around $165,000(1) and in 2008 almost 70%(2) of the retiring population were resorting to Government Aged Pension. Clearly employer super is not sufficient for the current set of retirees. Read More

Have you insured your biggest asset?

Becoming seriously ill is possibly the worst thing that can happen to a working person – and as you would know from your experience it does happen. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2008 yearbook, 7,624 Australians were unable to work (1) and were reliant on government sickness allowance which today pays just $205.75 each person a week for a partnered person. Read More

Why find a financial advisor?

Using the right financial advisor is one of the best investments that you can make in your financial life. Structuring your finances correctly early on can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in later years. Read More

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