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At Cedar Wealth we have designed our “Fee For Service Advisor Model” to give clear and concise advice specific to your personal situation. We work with your other professional advisers to make certain that all the critical areas of your personal situation are correctly addressed. Our focus is on long term wealth, with tax efficient strategies.


We take the view that it is not about trying to sell you life insurance or put you into a product-focused superannuation fund.

Our view is that we address the need and advise accordingly.

We have a network of Legal, Tax Planning and Finance specialists who are available to assist you if you don’t already have these relationships in place.

All of us continually face new situations and circumstances that require assessing and tailored advice. That is why our ongoing service model has various levels, again dependent on your personal circumstances. We will discuss this in detail with you before recommending a specifically tailored service offering. To find out more about how we can best assist you, please feel free to contact us.

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